Medicom Toy Bearbrick 400% Halloween 2009 Glow In the dark


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Medicom Toy Bearbrick 400% Halloween 2009 Glow In the dark

Nel 2009 con l’arrivo di Halloween, Medicom Toy ha lanciato la versione del loro Halloween Bearbrick 400%.

Il giocattolo in vinile segue uno stile tradizionale con l’uso del nero e dell’ arancione, le gambe sono bianche, ma in mancanza di luce diventano fosforescenti.

Bearbrick 400% usato per esposizioni.

Venduto con la propria scatola e protezione di plastica.

Conservato in magazzino.

Limited Edition.

In 2009 with the arrival of Halloween, Medicom Toy launched the version of their Halloween Bearbrick 400%. The vinyl toy follows a traditional style with the use of black and orange, the legs are white, but in the absence of light they become phosphorescent. 400% Bearbrick used for exhibitions.

The design aesthetics with pumpkin like head flocked in orange color.

The body is also flocked in black with drips on its legs giving a horror like finish. On the chest is the slogan ‘Trick or Treat‘ reversed out over the bare body and flocked fonts. The best part of this toy is that it is made of glow in the dark plastic thus the unflocked portions glowing in darkness.

Sold with its own box and plastic protection.

Preserved in stock.

Limited Edition.