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Stussy Air Freshener 138406 black paper product

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Stussy Air Freshener 138406 black paper product

Il deodorante Stussy è un ottimo accessorio, mantiene fresca l’aria del veicolo, specialmente se fumi mentre sei nella tua auto.
Puoi rinfrescare qualsiasi ambiente e l’aria in macchina con la fragranza del dolce cocco.

Carta al 100%
(Nota) La durata del profumo varia a seconda dell’ambiente di utilizzo.
Dimensioni 6.5 cm (diametro).

Stussy air freshener is a great accessory, it keeps the vehicle air fresh, especially if you smoke while you’re in your car.You can cool any room and the air in the car with the sweet coconut fragrance.

100% paper
(Note) The duration of the scent varies depending on the environment of use.
Dimensions 6.5 cm (diameter).

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